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Peter & Hilje

Peter Lucas and Hilje Blaauw is the team behind Yttermalungs Camping and the outdoor activity company Malungs Äventyr. Peter is an experienced and knowledgeable nature guide and activity leader. He is enthusiastic about the Swedish nature and wants to share the experience of being in nature. Hilje takes care of information, the kiosk and pancake house.

After many years of managing Malungs Äventyr we got the idea to build a camp site next to the outdoor pool Hagabadet in the village Yttermalung. As a result Yttermalungs Camping was started in 2009 and has a history of good collaboration with local organisations and villagers.

The campsite strives to have minimal impact on the environment. We choose environmentally friendly textiles and tries to only use ecofriendly cleaning products and ask our guests not to waste water and electricity. All new toilets are low water usage and we use low energy bulbs. In the coffee and pancake house we aim to use as much ecological or local produce as possible.
The guests who are travelling by public tranport will receive our attention and will be offered to use our shopping service. By collaborating with local organisations and businesses with support the local economy. Our activities are based in Yttermalung or its vicinity.
Our motto is ”By taking care of our guests, the nature and the village we aim to create a sustainable tourist company”
Peter and Hilje


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