Culture and nature is only a stone’s throw awa

Yttermalung is a small village with approximately 200 inhabitants, a church and a school. The river Västerdalälven runs through the village. The river offers pike, perch and pleasant spots for fly fishing. The nature reserve Eggen (old forest from the ice age esker) is located within a walking distance from Yttermalungs Camping. A bit further away, but still within walking distance and well worth a visit, is the old mill Edets kvarn. Why not say hi to one of the many horses in the village, visit a beekeeper or buy something from one of the many flea markets in the village.

The widespread forest is just around the corner. It is the home to a pack of wolves, bear and the king of the forest aka the moose. Both beavers and a family of otters resides in the river between the hotel Lugnet and Yttermalungs camping.

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A bit further away you will find the downhill ski area Kläppen, an amusement park, museums and other tourist spots. More information can be found in the kiosk in Yttermalungs camping. 


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